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James – haircut update

James before

James before

inside james ear.
inside james ear.

Half way through

Morag clipping

Morag clipping

Hello, It’s the end of another year, lots of good and some bad.

James is going to be a success, we had him at the vet’s today and he’s has had a very special hair cut,

short back and all off……..

A special thanks goes to Morag and Chelcie who spent nearly 4 hours working on him.

I have posted a few photos of him when he was getting his hair do, but he was sedated and they were taken on a wee mobile phone. It gives you an idea how bad he really was.

James is so traumatised, I wish he could tell me what has happened in his past that makes him so scared.

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Christmas updates.

Hope you all had a nice christmas.
This was the first year we never received a phone call- thank you.
Yesterday we received 3 stray dogs –

We have 2 claimed , and the Kelso Jack Russell is still at the kennels, He’s a wee fat happy chappy, He is white with black patches.
Also I have 6 Budgies

2 @ 2 years old
2 @ 9 months old
2 @ 4 months old

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

The dogs and cats all opened their pressies you all donated , some of the chews didn’t last long ,but everyone says woof x miaow x and thank you all .

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“One more sleep till Santa”

Been very busy over last couple of days ,

Was in Lauder yesterday at Rutherford’s grocery shop, They had a hamper that they raffled in aid of Arthurshiel Rescue, I was invited along to draw the winning ticket out, it was won by Sandra Pilmer from the Post Office, Congratulations…

Christmas Animals

Our numbers of animals are reducing slightly;

Dogs 8

Cats 6

Rabbit 1

Ferret 1

Update on Mr Snuffles:

He has been spotted wandering around the woods, we also have 3 Doe’s and another young Buck in the area so hopefully he will pair up and settle in the wild for good.

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank you all for your kind donations and wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

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Countdown to Christmas…

Hello, Today has been busy.

I was called out to rescue an injured Fox, He was lying on the side of the road just outsideĀ  Walkerburn.

As yet he hasn’t moved much but we have left him very quiet and warm, tomorrow will tell.

duckI have 2 ducks looking for homes, they are both drakes [mallards].

These ducks were brought here by a lady who reared them with her own ducks,

Being drakes she has no room for them now.

They can go seperate or together if you have a big enough pond,

also they are easy to pick up at same time remain wild.

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