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James has gone to his new home today.

Here is a picture of him just before he gets in the car.

Special thanks to everyone especially Chelcie for the time and work she has put into him.

The jacket he is wearing was donated by scallywaggs dog groomers in Innerleithen.

Thanks shona x

james and new owners

james and new owners

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Afternoon, it’s closing time now . Had a fantastic day.

Gus and mellon are in new homes as well as  3 cats . Best thing today was the budgies have gone to live in an aviary leaving just one sore finger where i got bitten.

We also had a kind gentleman who left a very nice donation to help with rocky’s operation.

Thanks for reading, shona 🙂

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Morning,  the weather today is dry so far.

 The volunteers haven’t arrived yet , all animals are checked ,orla has been feed and now sleeps again.

Big day for James today his new owners are arriving this morning, hope he gets on ok.I will post a photo of him with new owners later.

We also have 3 cats going to new homes as well and fingers crossed we had a gentleman intrested in the budgies.

Rocky [rottie]is getting a visitor today from Aberdeen. After his operation he might have a new home.

The barn owl is now flying around up on soutra hill where she came from , we released her last nite ,off she went with out even glancing back, nice ending. bye for now shona x

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  Just been to Hawick to pick up a stray dog, it’s a small black and tan crossbreed. Also we have had a group of very nice students here today looking around the cattery and kennels.

  James had his first bath today. He stood like a wee angel while chelcie and amanda shampooed him. He now has clean coat on and ready for his new home tomorrow. We will all miss him especially chelcie who has a special bond with him.

james in the bath
james in the bath    . bye for now, shona 🙂

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Good Morning,

                                 Weather raining and cold typical scottish stuff.

Spaniel puppies are huge, they have got homes but will stay here till they are 8 weeks old. Ruby the female is the boss.

The barn owl that was found on soutra is due for release this weekend she is back to fighting fit.

James is having a bath as tomorrow he is going to new home . Also rocky the rottie is having his ear operation on Wednesday thanks to a kind donation and the girls doing the sponsored walk across the Forth Road Bridge.

Orla has had another good nite, lots of breakfast consumed.Two otter sanctuaries have been in touch and for her to be released back to the wild she should be with other otters of similar age, so unless we have another otter arrive soon she maybe moved to a sanctuary, where she can interact with other otters.

We still have budgies desperately needing homes. And various large breed dogs and also a few cats.

We have a group of students coming at 1pm from the local college to see the kennels and cattery so I will be back later.bye shona 🙂

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