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Tiree is my own wee yorkie, she is 5 years old in March. Today she went to get checked at vets, Neil Cameron the vet gave her a look over and 10 minutes later she was under anesthetic. She has had 5 teeth removed, these teeth were badly decayed.

This is a picture of her recovering.Tiree recovering.

Also today we got a donation of £122 pds to spend at Town and Country store in Hawick.

The money was raised by The customers and staff of The Tower Hotel, Benitta being the fund raiser, We are grateful for this donation every year. Many Thanks to you all

James has taken another step forward today,
He has found his voice but only when you are not watching him. He joins in with the rest having a wee sing song.
Speak again tomorrow,
Shona 🙂

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