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Hi, It’s been a very busy two days. We have seen the last photographer and film crew off the premises – might get back to normality. If there is such a thing here.

Orla the Otter is doing ok, she is starting to eat Salmon on her own when I cut it into small pieces. She will devour a piece of salmon if I leave it in her bed, it’s so funny to see this wee thing trying to tackle a piece of salmon on her own. She also loves to cuddle up next to your neck when she’s sleeping – which she does a lot of at the moment.

Asda Galashiels have been very good to us and have donated salmon and trout, we have enough to keep her going for about a week. Many Thanks to them.

I will be back with more on Orla later.

bye Shona 🙂

P.S Forgot does anyone have a child’s travel cot that they no longer need as  Orla will soon need more room to move around. thanks

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