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Good Morning,

Weather is dull today but not cold or windy.

Callum is grand this morning, He is still munching on the haylage in the stable. All dogs are up with the lark so I’ve been awake for ages.

Tom and I are heading to the Forth Road Bridge to pick up a GSD from German shepherd rescue . Rosey and lorraine and chelcie are here working with the animals.

Be back later with some photos. byeeee shona ๐Ÿ™‚

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Not much happening , weather been very sunny and wind has dropped. I got everything done, and then the sheep started to play up and poor callum got winded, so gayle, elaine and I managed to get him up the field and into a stable before he came round. now he’s happy munching the haylage inside, He can go back out tomorrow , Keep forgetting he’s an old man. Here’s a photo of him enjoying the sunny weather.

Bye for now , shona x

calum the sheep

calum the sheep

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Good Morning.

We have sunshine in st boswells, the wind has dropped and it’s rather nice.

Rosey is here today and we trying get work but it’s no happening. Horses are out enjoying the sun on there backs.



this is casper he’s our oldest horse and he’s a wee sweetie, ruth comes up and makes a fuss of him.

We had a van load of cat food donated from Skyes in Galashiels , A huge thank you to them and the van driver for helping us unload.

Tom on way back from Wales tonight . I might be back later but got hospital duty for the parents , see you all soon, shona ๐Ÿ™‚

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Good Morning from Windy Arthurshiel.


Budgies , would anyone like 4 budgies or maybe 2 or just 1, any would be a big help.They are 2 girls and 2 boys and very happy chappies. We wake up in the morning to the sweet song of budgie and now my african grey parrot is talking budgie as well.

I have one cage suitable for 2 budgies and if someone would like them then it can go for a small donation. My photo shows 3 budgies 1 is camera shy, we have 1grey, 2 yellow, 1 green. Thanks be back later going to brave the elements again. shona:)

3 of 4 budgies

3 of 4 budgies

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Daily Update

Good Morning,

Weather is dry and cold and very windy, Chelcie and Lorraine are feeding and cleaning , chelcie has some new charges the GERBILS ,ย  a home is need for these little fellasgerbilsย they come with there own tank.


Last chance ; these 2 dogs found on the cranshaw to duns road a week past thursday.U must know if you have lost your pets? these are 2 lovely dogs, the jr is a male and the staffie x is a female.If you know these dogs please call me, 07757217759. bye for now shona ๐Ÿ™‚

R these ur dogs??

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Whats been happening…

smokeyGood Afternoon,

Hi, Hope you are all fine, I have a strange request we are looking for 2 dogs a lab and a gsd [males] both to do search and rescue work. We are looking for them to be between 6-9 months and happy to be around people. We are willing to pay. Do you have a dog that fits the bill??

We have no cats at present. We have a lot of rabbits –help!! I am allergic to them , we have one that was found in jedburgh ,she is a beautiful silver grey colour and friendly, Have you or a neighbour lost a rabbit.

We still have a few stray dogs unclaimed, a jr and staffie x who were found on the cranshaws road nr Duns also a staffie x pitbull from hawick , if you have lost an animal PLEASE call us we may have your pet!!!!

Also you would have read in the papers about the dog i picked up that had been beaten to death ,don’t be shy to email or txt or fone if you know who is responsible for this mindless act of cruelty. My number is 07757217759 or email arthurshiel@btinternet.com.

bye for now ,shona xxx

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Good evening,

It’s nearly the end of the week again, this week has been very hectic . In between hospital visits and work i have been trying to take fotos but it’s no worked.

Tom is heading to Wales to do a dog trailing course so next week i might not be here at all, No I will be I promise.

Today we rehomed susie the cat , she’s a cracker we all loved her ,hope she settles well in her new home she deserves it. We also rehomed a dog.

Now on to a more serious note, we have 2 dogs who’s owners have claimed them after the police brought them to the kennels , one has now been with us for over 2 weeks and I have called numerous times asking when she will get collected they say oh tomorrow at 3 and no-one arrives , the other has been only 4 days but same scenario. From now on the dogs found straying will get there 7days then another 3 days ย and after that these dogs will be rehomed.

I am away for my tea so I speak again tomorrow. byeee shona ๐Ÿ™‚

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