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Update from Sunny Tiree.

Hi Everyone,

Weather sunny and just a wee breeze it even warm.

I hear scooby is away, Otis is away and my eagle owls are scary–lol– thanks gayle for feeding them, i know u don’t like birds. Can’t tell you much more but i can make you all jealous  and post a picture of last nite at 9pm on the beach, hehehe that’s naughty but i having a relaxing time and want to share. nite for now shona x  P.S. hope you enjoy my pic. x

sunset on tiree

sunset on tiree

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News on Andy.

Good Evening .

Weather has been fantastic sun came upat 5.30am and went down 9pm this evening, it has shone all day. Even got sun burn on arms and face — hear borders had rain.lol.

I have been told 4 of the pups are spoken for and scooby has a home , it’s been a long time coming but alas he moving to the beach.

Well the pictures below are of andy the wee dog, we got in through the scottish borders council, he has been relocated to another centre but i will keep you all updated with progress ,and thank you all for your kind words and offers of homes. bye for tonite, shona 🙂

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Rescued cross bread from Galashiels

Story to follow

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It’s Official.

Good Evening,

No I’m not starting with the weather , because I’m on the Isle of Tiree and officially on my holidays with my husband.

The only animals i have seen today were Seals and sheep and more sheep and 2 border collies.

Tomorrow i will have updates on arthurshiel and will post details.

Hope you all have a nice week I be back soon. shona 🙂 x

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Good Evening,

Zarah-- now homed.

Zarah-- now homed.

Hi everyone.

I have been so busy today, we have rehomed Baz the lab cross, and 2 puppies are spoken for.

Zarah our wee rottie has gone to a new home also, the new owners went to our foster home and loved her ,so she has gone out to see how she gets on.

We had visitors from everywhere , A really nice gentleman and his daughter dropped by from Musselburgh it was a pleasure to meet them, nice to meet genuine people .Thanks everyone who popped in.

Well in less than 36hrs ,Tom and I will be getting the ferry to the Isle of Tiree, wheeeheeee otters, seals peace and quiet ,i will post u pics of the beaches and the sunshine cos it ain’t going to rain,lol.

Gayle -our daughter and Rosey  will be running the centre, but i will still be doing bits of blog with a difference it will be from Tiree. bye for now shona xxx

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Hi, I have just finished it’s been a busy one. It’s 10.45pm.

I have had 4 stray dogs in today and people seem to be taking ages to report there dogs missing. I really don’t like trailing out at 9.30pm to pick up an animal who’s owner is out partying.Surely you know when you pets not in the house.

Kittens got wormed today and we have 3 girls and 1 boy. The kittens will be 3 weeks old on sunday and are starting to move around and investigate the pen.

All the budgies have gone to an avairy and hope they are enjoying themselves.

Nite nite, shona 🙂 x

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Good Morning.

Morning, been out with Nikki my dog this morning,

The buzzards are nesting in the big tree by the pond ,it’s fantastic to just sit and watch the pair gliding over the fields. Shame the grounds not as dry as I thought but heyho not far to walk home with wet trousers ,lol.

Kittens are thriving ,just starting to lap, they are lazy as expect mum to do everything .The puppies are also enjoying life , well they were until Rosey and Chelcie got the wormer out yesterday —-ooops messy.

And Andy the wee dog who was found with a horiffic burn , he is thriving and heading to the vets this morning , I will be back later to let you all know where we go from here, The wound is looking good. see you all soon shona 🙂 x

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