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Found and losts.

Found a gsd x nr Heriot, he is black and tan and is wearing a collar, bit timid to start with and then he ok.

Lost in crossland cres, peebles a pale blue and white budgie , he sort of talks and laughs and flew away yesterday, his owner is desperate to have him back.

If you can help with any of these animals then please call 07757217759. shona 🙂

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Bailey and Nuggets are home, they arrived back late last nite, thanks to all who helped look for them.

Busy morning so far, been kelso and back now tom and marlees are away to galashiels for a stray dog found in Heriot.,I will give more details when they arrive back.

got lots of cats in today for holidays, so i must go and speak later.shona 🙂

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Can everyone in the Newtown St boswells area please help find Bailey and Nuggets .

They went missing from newtown today abt 10am ish and haven’t been seen since .

Bailey is brindle and Nuggets is white they are both staffie crosses and Nuggets is in season.

The owner is very worried please if u see then call Gail on 07507177191 or call us here and we will arrange for them to be uplifted.These dogs haven’t been out alone before so this is most unusual.

Thanks for helping , shona 🙂 07757217759

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Good morning,

Hope you are all well, the weather is great today looks like the sun could shine.

Waiting on everyone arriving and getting started. All kittens are away and people were suppose to come last nite and look at the last one but heyho never turned up.

Fern the fawn has nearly doubled in height and has tripled in weight ,she is outside in mr snuffles pen and enjoying running around and all the fresh air.

Before i go work is there anyone out there that has an old BUT working chest freezer ours has given in after 12years , it would be so nice just to go comet or curry’s and order a new one but we can’t afford to so we must do with an old second hand ,any out there we will come for it. thanks shona 07757217759 if i don’t answer txt or keep trying.

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Good Afternoon.

hi , had a very busy day between rain showers ,

 3 kittens rehomed and 1 dog.

Tom and Marlees have been training dogs today.

Fern the deer is doing very well and hope she will head to the wild just like Mr Snuffles. He is still coming around and then disappears in to the fields .

I am away get dogs and cats and everything fed. be back soon. shona x

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Look at me now!!

Hi, remember me I am the wee Fox that was found nr smailholm, I’m tom’s pal now and this is me on the sofa .

 Finlay Fox

Finlay Fox

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Wheehee no rain.

Morning, no rain in st boswells so far,

Busy day ahead mainly house work, The 4 cats went away to new homes yesterday and seem to have settled so fingers crossed.

Was in Eyemouth last nite to pick up an old collie who was claimed as i arrived. I was glad but it’s a long journey. Good job the seal’s is still in the harbour and the ice cream is amazing .

I will be back later will more news. shona 🙂

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