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Good News.

Good news , sky the wee grey cat have been found. She was abt 1 mile up the road and had just lost her bearings a wee bit. She is now safe and sound in her own home.

We have a grey rabbit found on saturday in the Queen’s croft area of Kelso , It seems to be friendly , I haven’t touched it as I’m allergic to them. It is well care for ,so have u lost a rabbit if so please give me a call.

The spaniel and the beagle type are still unclaimed — soon be rehoming time then you won’t get them back.

back soon , shona 🙂

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Sky has gone missing from oxton nr lauder on Friday 25th . She is a grey neutered female cat , very vocal and loving.

If u have seen her or think u may have ,the owners would be glad to hear from u. phone them on 01578 750604 or myself on 07757217759 and someone will come and get her. thanks .

Also the terrier found on hillend dr, hawick last nite is now safe at home.

Bye for now ,shona 🙂

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I still have the wee spaniel bitch , she is a sweetie and it’s getting time for me to think that because no one has come forward she’ll need find some one else who will love her like we do. It’s been since tuesday teatime — where r u?? If u call the police or council or any vets , rescue centres in borders u will get our number automatically.We all want to re-unite .

We also have a beagle type dog found on Hunter’s bridge [ new one] in kelso on thursday morning. AGAIN no owner he is approx 7 mths but we are guessing , he travels well nice nature. He is tan and white with a brown collar.

A wirehaired terrier was  found last nite on Hillend drive. Hawick. He looks like a border gone wrong, again friendly dog.

The whippet found by kids in jedburgh last nite has been claimed and we are awaiting  collecting .Big thanks go to the group of kids as i was 3/4 hr getting there and they stood and waited and were extremely polite and helpful when i arrived.

Have to go for now be back later .shona 🙂

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Mini clan gathering.


Last week we met with 20 mini’s on the green in St Boswells and collected a cheque to make a pond and enclosure for wild life. The chq was a staggering £1281.00 and all will be used on this project . These were the guys who found Orla back in spring. we are so grateful for there support and i will do updates of the work on here.

Mini clan.

Mini clan.

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Found A7 on Tuesday.

This wee spaniel was found on A7 at Bowland rd end on tuesday nite .Help me find my way home!!!!

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Good Morning.

zoot -- has returned home .xAway back on 14th August “Zoot” the cat went awol in Galashiels, WELL he has arrived home today a bit bedraggled and thin but other wise good. It just shows u – never give up. No matter how lost most do find there roots and arrive home . I will be back later with fotos of stray dogs never claimed yet. bye for now shona .

P.s Morning auntie kate. hope weather better up ur end of country it freezin here. xx

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found in newtown st boswells --followed walkers.

found in newtown st boswells --followed walkers.

Good Evening, I have just finished and it’s 10.20pm.

Have u or do u know of anyone who is missing the sweetest wee springer bitch. she is liver and white , old and appears to be losing her sight. Her coat has a few mats in it, but she’s is in good condition .

She was found on A7 Bowland road end. I will post  foto tomorrow.

Also we have a ginger and black cat who followed walkers to |Newtown ,she may have come from the whitelee area. Her tail is sore or maybe she just doesn’t like us touching it. No collar and healthy appetite.

Again i will do foto’s tomorrow. nite  shona 🙂

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