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A wee extra bit.

The wee cat who was found on the Eildons isn’t well enough to have her foto taken , she is really ill and i wouldn’t put her on here, She is a wee sweetheart and will have a cosy and loving place ,hopefully to recover. I will report back once she has been to the vets . Do u know of a neighbour who has lost a cat poss from faughhill farm to eildon, in between we have Bowden, Greenwells and whiterigg she must be local , maybe even Newtown. Help me find her owner? back soon shona 😦

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A Special Emily Appeal!!

Emily a the wee yorkie is still at large , her owner is only here till tomorrow ,so we need sightings , If u see her PLEASE don’t chase her as she is terrified, Call me i will call owner and hopefully owner and her doggy friends will jog her memory and she will come to her. I will be back later with fotos of the found cat. shona 🙂

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Good Evening,

Hi , What a day,

It rained and i had lots call outs. First one was to cauldshiels loch, an injured swan and the people who found it couldn’t find help so arrived at my door. Once again that word NO doesn’t seem to come out my mouth very easy, rain pouring down we headed up to the loch and found the swan, while we were there we noticed another one youngster and no other birds on the loch. I call the swan rescue for advice and we got both swans loaded and headed for Berwick.


waiting to go on their journey.

waiting to go on their journey.

                                                      This was the swans loaded and getting ready to be transported to the swan rescue. When we arrived Mr Richard Goff was there to meet us and we would like to Thank him very much. I will call in a few days to check progress.

That was the first outing the 2nd one was a trip to the foot of the Eildons , the rain had stopped by now, I met a lady called Barbara Paterson who had found a cat. This is a friendly old cat white with  black patches and she was very wet and cold , she must belong to someone in and around the eildon area ,i will post a foto here and the web tomorrow. If she is yours please give us a call.

The wee yorkie is still missing from Hawick , The original owner is on her way up from wiltshire tonite to see if she will come to her and the dogs she used to live with. again we have our fingers crossed.

Just recently my vehicle feels more like an animal ambulance picking up dead and live animals and birds when no one else seems to be available. I am putting out an appeal lol, does anyone want to sponsor a tyre i need four ,if everyone who’s animal i have picked up sent me a pound i could afford new tyres. £130 a tyre —-  oooouchhhhhhhhhhh!!!! 

Well hope no more fone calls tonite , I am away to try and study some more of my veterinary assistant course. see u again tomorrow, nite x shona x

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A small yorkie has gone awol in the hillend drive area of  hawick. She is 5 yrs old and only just moved to Hawick on wednesday, she doesn’t know the area so will be very confused and lost. If u see her please give us a call and we will notify the owner who is very distressed. fingers crossed .x

On a happier note, Tom from Kelso has been found and has lost his collar and some one has been feeding him so he is fatter than ever which isn’t good for him, but he’s home.

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We have lots of lost cats this week, and it’s only tuesday.

Lost Kelso , nr the ice rink , Thomas is a large friendly tabby , he is wearing a collar that alerts people to him being diabetic, help get thomas home!!

Lost Selkirk, An egypitian mau cat called “mau mau”. He only moved to hill street in selkirk on friday and has gone awol , he is not neutered yet and also has never been outside so this is all new to him, new home ,new owners and all alone , please check ur sheds and any corner where he mite hide thanks.Mau mau

Also not so good news ,I went to selkirk last night and picked up 2 cats that had been hit on the road, they were abt 20ft apart, a black and white one and a cream one ,i didn’t check the sex of either ,but i still have them incase the owners would like to bury them. both look very well cared for cats, the black and white felix lookalike has a collar with flouresent cats eyes on it. please call and these wee cats can be put to rest. R.I.P . thanks shona 😦

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