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Good Evening!

This is just a quick mention to the kind person who gave reed, brown and cameron vets a donation of £200 to be taken off our vets bill, That is just fantastic and we really appreciate it. Thanks to who ever u are.It’s a nice ending to a rather sad day.

Good night and i will be back tomorrow , hopefully with better news than we have had today. nite shona 🙂 x


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Sorry Sad News!!!

Our wee stray Tara ,has just past away, Her wee body couldn’t take anymore, A huge thanks to the vets and girls at St Boswells. The only thought going through my head just now- is that she wasn’t lying outside or with someone who didn’t care. She was warm and cared for…………. She will be happy and at peace in Rainbow Bridge. love shona 😦

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I have been and seen her this morning, she is now getting ready for her big operation she needs,I have put a picture up incase her chip details aren’t correct and her owner is looking for her.

Tara in the vets.

Tara in the vets.

More on Tara progress soon , thanks for looking .shona 🙂

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Good morning .

Weather misty and damp here in St Boswells.

All fine so far. Was out last nite picking up an injured Tawny owl , She has one cracker of a bruised  eye this morning .

I will update u on wee staffie x “Tara” when i go to vets to check on her this morning , I am not in habit of taking pictures of ill animals but i am this time , this could have been treated earlier, I know people don’t have much money but neither do we. Vet will not see an animal suffer so help is available just go look for it I have too.

Be back soon , shona 🙂

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