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To Germany with love!

Hi, Hope u are all well, and some of u will be on holidays — i wish.

We got a photo this morning from Germany. Pepsi went there on friday , she is a bloodhound x pointer 18mths old.

She was really good on the ferry from Newcastle and travelled through Holland down to germany — now home.

Her trailing skills are second to none, she went with her new handler who has been here for a week , she is going to do search and rescue with Germany Red cross.

Pepsi playing with her new collie friends,

Pepsi playing with her new collie friends,

Pepsi’s brother Paddy is also a search dog in the making he is with Northern Ireland search dogs.

I will be back soon , I am away to take fotos for website so that should be updated soon, sorry for delay jim,

Bye shona 🙂


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