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A wee extra bit.

The wee cat who was found on the Eildons isn’t well enough to have her foto taken , she is really ill and i wouldn’t put her on here, She is a wee sweetheart and will have a cosy and loving place ,hopefully to recover. I will report back once she has been to the vets . Do u know of a neighbour who has lost a cat poss from faughhill farm to eildon, in between we have Bowden, Greenwells and whiterigg she must be local , maybe even Newtown. Help me find her owner? back soon shona 😦


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A Special Emily Appeal!!

Emily a the wee yorkie is still at large , her owner is only here till tomorrow ,so we need sightings , If u see her PLEASE don’t chase her as she is terrified, Call me i will call owner and hopefully owner and her doggy friends will jog her memory and she will come to her. I will be back later with fotos of the found cat. shona 🙂

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