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Found Cat in Newtown.


      Today we received a fone call from SBC Offices  in Newtown St Boswells.

A cat was out side there offices at Education Dept, This cat was in distress . Do you know anyone who has lost a neutered male tabby , approx 10yrs old . The offices back on to Eildon terrace so the cat could have wandered from anywhere. The foto is of him being examined by vet .Any idea where he belongs will he us. thanks shona 😦


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Hello, Must say thanks to all the people who still look at my blog  even though i haven’t been around much , but i think i mite be able to squeeze in some info — as my volunteer Ian kindly noted it only takes 5 mins a day, hey ho only takes 5mins make a cuppa but haven’t had one yet, Hi Ian x

We are slowly rehoming the vast amount of cats and the dogs I have are older , we also have a 5mth old lion head rabbit and her friend the 5mth old guinea pig—- must be rehomed together they are bestest pals.

The rain has stopped and it’s sunny, sorry to all the people who have been flooded glad i stay on wee hill , if we flood it’s curtains to the rest of u. ooops sorry lol.

We have 2 black and white kittens a girl and a boy , 8 weeks old looking for a home .

Lots been happening but it’s all family related and needs must when things happen we have to jump and that;s why the blog was neglected. sorry but i am back. Also our web master has decided to go look for sunshine so he’s away , I am going to learn to put photos on the rehoming page here and will keep u updated , speak soon, shona 🙂

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