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We would like to wish all our supporters a very happy new year and Thank u all very much for your kind support.

I won’t be here tomorrow as I am going for a long peaceful walk with my camera and nikki my dog and maybe I will take Tom with me as well. Have a good night tonight and be safe. xxx love from all at ARC. xxx

Arthurshiel in the snow.

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My fuzzy cheeky chappie.

Hi, sorry I haven’t been around for few days, but it’s busy.

Had a stray at eyemouth but was claimed before I got there and we got a rescue cat in yesterday. The snow is lovely until u have to work in it. This morning we woke to more and when we went to the rescue kennels we have a bust washing machine …. water everywhere never had any for 8 days and all of a sudden we got 2 inch all over.Hope we can get it fixed and it’s something simple or we might have to go on freecycle and see if anyone has a second hand one as the blankets and dog coats need washed.

OOOPs can’t see the Eildons [3.18pm]. I was hoping to go out and take fotos at Melrose tonite but think i mite stay indoors and chill.I have been trying to take a foto of a robin that does it’s rounds with us everyday , u go to the cattery and he’s there u go small animal  and he’s there , when i try get a foto he’s gone.. I am away to feed and water the animals ,i will be back later tonite with more fotos. shona xxx

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Lurcher is Home!!!

He’s been missing for 5 days and is now home safe and sound , thanks for all your help.

Not much happening today, all animals content and I had a very lazy day , that’s cos it’s been raining and no very warm outside.

Nite x shona x

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Please help !!! Lurcher lost…

Good Morning .

                           Please help a family in Hawick be reunited with a very special Lurcher. He went missing on the 22nd of December. He has been spotted in the Howden bank area .He is smooth coated and blue in colour he also has a white beard. A foto will be sent to me tomorrow so I will post it on here.

be back later today ,shona x

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Hi everyone.

I thought I might have got Christmas day and Boxing day , just too much to ask for …. I really should have known better. The police arrived with a stray dog today at 1pm then owner called at 1.55pm just in enough time for us to be late for lunch at my parents. Then 8.15pm  txt about a 22 week old puppy .. can’t handle it and 8.45pm a call do I have any collie pups …. em ..Am I the only one who thinks that Christmas last till boxing day and it’s family time.. peace on earth and all that stuff well 2 days peace would be BLISS.!

The animals here all had a nice relaxing time yesterday and all had new toys or chewys. The pigeon and hens got extra special vegetable scraps and I shared my brussel sprouts with the Rabbits.

I will not be REHOMING any animal until Tuesday 5th of January after that we will be back to normal if there is such a thing. If you find a stray dog call the police and council as normal and it will be uplifted from the police station or where ever the council tell us to find it.

I don’t have any photos today but will have soon . Bye for now shona x

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just a wee quick note to wish u all a happy christmas. Hope santa was good to u all and everyone got special gifts. I got a gold bracelet from Tom and a balloon trip from Gayle. I so happy and fone hasn’t rung at all Yipeeeee.

Love to u all back tomorrow ,I have a date with a wine bottle lol, shona xxx

P.S Hi everyone in the Miller household . matty remember and behave lol xxxxxxx

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One more sleep !!!! yipppeeee !!

one more sleep till santa comes…. that is if some of u sleep.. big kids sometimes worse than wee ones lol.

I would like to take this opportunity to Wish all our customers and readers a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. Also Thanks to everyone who has supported us through 2009. Without yourselves we wouldn’t be here… it’s been a struggle this year but 6 days left and we will have left 2009 behind. Hope 2010 is better and we get through it without the hiccups. Thanks again .

Today we have had 7 fone calls from people looking for kittens and 5 for puppies …. I don’t have any and I wouldn’t be giving out at this time of year.We will start rehoming on Tuesday the 5th of January when we open again… so if you are thinking of rehoming an animal please wait till then and maybe I can give my fone a wee rest.It takes about 30-80 fone calls a day depending on time of year and the weather … sunshine people want pet.

This is a foto of Barney the spaniel enjoying the snow … He’s a working gun dog and likes to play while he waits on Tom.

Sorry about the foto quality I took it from Tom’s web page. But you get the idea … he’s a crazy dog and he’s 9 years old. Spaniels never grow old.

Barney playing in the snow.

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