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Good Evening.

Hello, hope you all ready for christmas.

I am not, but this week i mite get time to finish off bits and pieces. I need to remind you all that we don’t give animals out now until the 5th of January. so please don’t ask as a refusal often offends and I have no kittens or puppies.

The dog found in Hawick yesterday has gone back home … bye snatch.

I would also like to Thank the Hogg Boys from Newtown for the kind donation of dog and cat food. it’s fantastic never knew you could get so much food into 2 boxes, think lesley must have packed them, thanks boys.x

peggy sue the doo


Update on the pigeon handed in by a lady who rescued it from a goshawk. The lady took the pigeon to the vets to get a check over then brought it to us. We named her peggy sue the doo, because we can’t have a bird, who won’t go away stay here with no name. This FAT pigeon has gone from a skinny sad bird to a happy fat pigeon. She will stay here till spring then hopefully she will go on her merry way and do as pigeons do.

back again tomorrow, Thanks for all your support, bye shona xxx


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