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Hi everyone.

I thought I might have got Christmas day and Boxing day , just too much to ask for …. I really should have known better. The police arrived with a stray dog today at 1pm then owner called at 1.55pm just in enough time for us to be late for lunch at my parents. Then 8.15pmĀ  txt about a 22 week old puppy .. can’t handle it and 8.45pm a call do I have any collie pups …. em ..Am I the only one who thinks that Christmas last till boxing day and it’s family time.. peace on earth and all that stuff well 2 days peace would be BLISS.!

The animals here all had a nice relaxing time yesterday and all had new toys or chewys. The pigeon and hens got extra special vegetable scraps and I shared my brussel sprouts with the Rabbits.

I will not be REHOMING any animal until Tuesday 5th of January after that we will be back to normal if there is such a thing. If you find a stray dog call the police and council as normal and it will be uplifted from the police station or where ever the council tell us to find it.

I don’t have any photos today but will have soon . Bye for now shona x


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