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We would like to wish all our supporters a very happy new year and Thank u all very much for your kind support.

I won’t be here tomorrow as I am going for a long peaceful walk with my camera and nikki my dog and maybe I will take Tom with me as well. Have a good night tonight and be safe. xxx love from all at ARC. xxx

Arthurshiel in the snow.


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My fuzzy cheeky chappie.

Hi, sorry I haven’t been around for few days, but it’s busy.

Had a stray at eyemouth but was claimed before I got there and we got a rescue cat in yesterday. The snow is lovely until u have to work in it. This morning we woke to more and when we went to the rescue¬†kennels we have a bust washing machine …. water everywhere never had any for 8 days and all of a sudden we got 2 inch all over.Hope we can get it fixed and it’s something simple or we might have to go on freecycle and see if anyone has a second hand one as the blankets and dog coats need washed.

OOOPs can’t see the Eildons [3.18pm]. I was hoping to go out and take fotos at Melrose tonite but think i mite stay indoors and chill.I have been trying to take a foto of a robin that does it’s rounds with us everyday , u go to the cattery and he’s there u go small animal¬† and he’s there , when i try get a foto he’s gone.. I am away to feed and water the animals ,i will be back later tonite with more fotos. shona xxx

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