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WEB CAM Needed.

Hi everyone and Auntie Kate.

I do promise keep u all up to date with what’s happening , been packing up house for last 2 weeks ,we moving into caravan while we get a new home built.So that’s why no been around a lot.

We have NO dogs for rehoming now that i have said that i will have lots come flooding in …..

I have put a request out for a web cam this is for you to see the animals in the new wildlife Hospital. I thought it could be set up and when animals are brought in the people or there kids can see how it’s doing ,how we feed? and in general it’s giving you all an insight into how and what we do. The cam details are about 2/3 posts back and i have someone willing to set up the system for free so it runs smooothly lol. Me and computers = disaster lol.

I also still have the rabbits and i also have 3 cats , We know of an akita dog looking for a very experienced and knowledgeable home . I have the owners details if you know anyone intrested.

We also have a 16.2hh horse looking to be a companion , he is in his early 20’s and nice lad [can’t believe said that about a horse] .He loads well and is mixing good with the other’s here. He CAN’T be ridden .

We i am away for now … black bags are waiting . Remember if you have or know some one with a webcam it has to be an apple isight one ,then please call us. They are on ebay but go way out of our price range. thanks shona xx

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PLEASE  help find FLUFF .He is a tan and blue austrailian terrier .He is 7 mths old and has stitches in his groin. He is also wear a stiff neck collar fluff needs to be back at the vets on saturday . he is missing from Edrom nr Duns. Please help us find fluff and get him back home safely. shona 07581878393.

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Hi we are working away  despite the recent bad weather..

We are looking to set up a webcam live stream for some of our residents.

Does anybody have an APPLE iSight Webcam??


Been looking on eBay and we keep missing out.

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We Urgently need new homes.

Hi folks, we have 3 baby rabbits desperately needing new loving homes. We are very friendly and run around and play all day .As u can see from our foto we never stay still but we are extremely cute.!

3 rabbits

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Tuesday development…..

Hi folks.

The pond has come to a halt as our contractor is heading  to warmer regions for a week… we are up to speed and have to wait on the ground drying out a bit or big bit. Have a good holiday Brian.x

Pepper the cat is looking for a new home … she is very friendly and does need to be encouraged to play and chase toys all the floor as she is slightly over weight … well as you can see by the foto she is a lot over weight.



We also have 3 baby rabbits , some one must fancy a rabbit as a house pet they are very loving pets. Speak to you all tomorrow ,bye shona x

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Good evening .

Hi Readers,

hope you are all well, it”s the start of a new week … hope its a good one and no snow like they forecasting.

The pond is coming along nicely .

We have 2 cats in need of new homes .. Pepper and Pip

These two cats are very friendly and have no vices. They don’t like cameras and try to hide. both female and are 18mths old and neutered.

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More pond development…….

next stage of pond.

our contractor has worked hard this week, rain, sleet and wind .

The pen is starting to take shape and the guy helping Brian yesterday is one of the mini clan , so he help raise the money and helped build. The pond has a slide into it and u can see a grey and green box to the left semi buried with a black pipe that’s the den for what ever is in it .

We have had a very busy day all collies are rehomed . I do need the rabbits into new homes as they are growing like mushrooms. back soon shona x

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