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Good Evening.

Hello everyone,

                                   Had a busy start to the day, up at 6.30am  … animals done.. then off to Town Yetholm to give a wee talk to the Yetholm WRI. Sheena and I had a lovely time , the ladies were so friendly.I had to judge a small competition they had to write a poem or ode about a dog. This is the one i chose as the winner. It was written by Sandra Clark.

The house just seemed so quiet,

Without our doggy friend,

We’d lost our little spaniel,

Who was faithful to the end.

So off we went to the kennels,

My family and me,

We want another little dog,To look after and love, you see.

We saw a number of sizes,

But the one who caught our eye,

Was a black and white cross collie,

Who was gentle,quiet and shy.

Just then our eldest daughter,

Got sight of this noisy thing,

Who looked like a ragged tar brush,

With each leg tied to a spring.

You’d think the little collie knew,

“It’s not my turn today”,

With tail tucked right between her legs,

She turned and walked away.

However, there is a happy end,

Just as I always knew,

Although we went for just one dog,

We came home with the two.

Kim and Mac

Always remembered.

By Sandra Clark[yetholm wri]





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Margo, Missing from Hume, Near Kelso

Margo, Missing from Hume, Near Kelso

Margo went missing from the Hume Area, Kelso on Monday the 15th March at 5pm.
She’s a skinny black and tan Jack Russell and only 6 months old.
Sorely missed by all of the family, especially Cybill her twin sister, and the four kids Fabi, Zara Fletch and Richie.
We are all devastated.


Contact Bev or Bruce on

01573 470232

01573 470298


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