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Busy Sunday !!!!

Hi folks,

          We usually close on a sunday but are always available for rescues. Today was no different well it was i was in the river Tweed with Gayle my daughter. We received a fone call to say that an injured otter had been seen just near the chain bridge , Gattonside . Well off we went and spent a few hours paddling and as we got it on to a stoney area  and with in reach …. whooosh in comes a retriever and all goes to pot, otter gone to other side of river and ended 2and a half hours work. This otter looks to have been bitten on it’s rear  possibly by a dog as it doesnt seem to have an fear of human or dog.It’s wound needs attention, then it can be taken back to the river and released. If you happen to come across him on your walk please call us and we will try again and get him to a vet. thanks nite for now shona x

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