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Hi, you will see I haven’t put good …reason being the last 2 days have been a wee tad stressful.

I was called out to pick up a lab type bitch .she was found wandering 5miles south of Dunbar just off the main A1 up a wee track leading to nowhere. In this area there is nothing but fields and sheep.

The condition of this dog is poor , her eye has been slashed possibly by a thorn and had infection in it , her skin is best described as elephant skin due to a yeast infection .She is approx between 3-5yrs old and the happiest wee thing wags her tail all the time.

SOMEONEĀ  SOMEWHERE must know where she has come from ……………………………………….. the photos I am going to post on here are not nice but the public must know what we get in everything is not all nice .This wee lass has spent the day in our vets and has had an eye removed and other treatments ….the bill ,well we worry about that when we have her up and running again.Thanks greenside vets.

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