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Badger is back in the wild……

Hi everyone,

                              Tonight we have released the badger who was hit on the A7 back to her home, she is now fully recovered. We released her back to near where she was found by Mrs Scott . The fotos are not great but let u see she didn’t even look back ….. this is her homeward bound.

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Good evening…..

hi everyone,    Megan the springer spaniel is home ..and in one piece. thanks everyone who called.

The wildlife area has been strimmed and one avairy revamped , 3 more to go. Does anyone out there know where we can get sheets of white plastic to line the walls of the shed, so it’s easy to clean. The shed is 9ft by 12ft and 6ft ish high would do.

The badger we collected from the A7 just outside Galashiels is recovering quickly, maybe another week then we will take back to a spot near to where she was found.

I will post fotos later of the wildlife area development. bye for now shona x

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Megan the springer spaniel has gone missing in Galashiels last nite abt 6pm. she is 11years old and on medication, she is very timid , black and white and a collar.She escaped from the car at the back of pets at home. if u see her please call me and we can arrange to go get her.thanks shona 07581878393.

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The Bloodhound Puppy .

Sally is a gorgeous beast with huge sad droopy eyes.

 she has wrinkles worse than my mum and she loves a great big cuddle.

Although she is quite big, my cats boss her about.

They make her move out of the sun and shift her from the fire.

She enjoys a nice long mucky walk, the dirter the better.

 But she doesn’t like to get clean and refuses to let me bath her.

my Sally is meant to be a hero. search and rescue is what she is bred for.

 But my Sallys not up for that, she just wants to play and sleep like a cat.

Sally is a bloodhound with huge droopy eyes, her skin falls into wrinkles and she’s my best friend.

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Good Evening.

Hi folks,

had a busy wet day today, Tom and I went to Galashiels to rescue a badger, she has been hit on the A7 road, her nose is broke but vet thinks she be ok after a wee bit time. She is now home at arc and will be released near where she was found by Mrs Scott.Please don’t try and handle a badger without the correct equipment … I take tom as they are extremely strong even when injured.

Our mallard is growing daily and loving the pond. The tawny owl is doing ok as well and eating everything she is given.

The wildlife hut is being lined on wednesday and then we get all the equipment in place and the cages can then be used.

Another busy day tomorrow lots on ,so that’s it for tonite ..nite x

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