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Well Last day of the year!!!!!

Well what can i say …it’s been a year of ups and downs , some good some bad .As u all saw Grace ‘s story had a very happy ending but others don’t have. 2011 is going to be a year that i let u have a very in depth look in to my daily life , I am on call 24hrs… phone never off!. My camera is going to record every animal, bird or rescue that comes in here or that i have to go out for, some are not so nice and I normally keep them to myself…. but not this year .

We all voted for the Royal bank of Scotland community fund ,we were one of the top 3 charities but haven’t heard if we have won , even if we haven’t we get £1000 towards our special appeal next year . I will let u all know when i know the results.

Hope you all had a nice Christmas and I’d like to say Thank You to everyone who donated gifts to the animals and also Thanks to my volunteers who have supported me throughout the year . New shovels on way ….lol [u know who u r ].

Well have a Happy New Year and I will be here tomorrow . nite x

P.s We must try and find Tia and Lucy in 2011—Laura and Yvonne are devastated , keep eyes peeled -does your neighbour have a new dog .. do u recognise these dogs.  PLEASE help us. thanks.

Make it a very happy new year for the owners.

Tia x

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Grace in her new home……

Hi everyone, I have just had an email that has made my year.. Remember Grace the labrador who was found with an injured eye and terrible skin, well look at her now …Amazing Grace or what …and she’s cuddling a cat..

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Good Morning just !!!

Hi Everyone, Hope you all had a nice christmas and got lots of nice pressies. We had a really nice family dayand not one rescue fone call .. yes not one thank god. Bottle wine went down nicely ,but always have to remember that chores still have to be done in the morning. We received hampers from the Hogg Family in Newtown the animals loved them .thanks .

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Good Evening……………..

Hi folks and Ian.

Sorry i haven’t been on here lately but we have been so busy and full of dogs and cats . We have been out picking up dogs ,not best weather to be out in the dark.

The buzzard found on the crailing road has sadly died ,she had nerve damage in her legs .We managed to feed her for 10 days but damage to bad.

Hope this snow goes away soon ,we have  no water , hate having frozen pipes it getting a wee bit out of hand now.

I will be back tomorrow just for Ian .xxx  nite xxxx

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PLease help us find Tia , she has been lost now since the 26th Nov. She must be desperate now and growing weaker day by day. Last sighting was in West Linton ..please check behind sheds and in under growth if u stay in that area. We need to get Tia home and make laura’s [her owner] christmas…. just think how u would feel if she was ur’s ??? I know i couldn’t  live with myself until i found her …Please help.. 😦Help me return home !!!

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