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Busy Sunday…..

Hi everyone,  Been a very busy day . Went to Peebles for a stray dog and just as arrived home I got a phone call about an injured otter near Coldstream .I set off to collect the otter but alas as i arrived the poor wee mite had died , I have take fotos of his injuries possibly caused by an other dog otter . They  can give u a nasty bite and don’t think because they look cute that they are they aren’t. Sorry if the foto disturbs anyone but i did say i was going to let u all see everything i pick up.

The dog was claimed from peebles and the one from Hawick yesterday has gone home as well. The cocker spaniel is still with us.

nite for now ,back tomorrow with photo of cocker . shona x

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good evening…

Hi, found 2 dogs today one in Hawick a fawn lurcher . she was wandering in wilton hill park, She also has a few scars on her body. the other dog is a working cocker puppy, he is black with a white stripe on his chest , he was wandering nr Hume . if u know anyone who has lost a dog please call.

Lachie has gone to a new home also , nite see u all tomorrow x

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Good Afternoon…

Hi folks,, the sun as gone and it’s getting a wee bit cold outside. so it’s in time and maybe think abt tea. Had a good day today, bonfire and lots cleaned up , sawdust arrived so chelcie be happy, and cat into vets to be neutered.

A tabby male cat  has been found wandering in Stow , do u know anyone who may have lost a cat in the last week. He is extremely friendly with other animals , no microchip. foto tomorrow when i pick him up from merlin vets.

A small terrier type dog was found in Hawick last nite, He is approx 2-3yrs old and is rough coated maybe like a patterdale /lakeland cross .Nice wee chap .Is he urs ??

Well need go get on , swimming tonite and chill time no more strays had 4 last nite thank god 3 were returned to owners. bye for now shona xxx

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Found on 23rd January.

This greyhound/lurcher was found in West linton on the 23rd of january. He is mainly black with a thin white stripe down his chest and couple white toes. He is a really good natured dog and slightly thin he has no vices ..so far.

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Hi everyone, got 2 nice emails today one abt the Lurcher”obi” who went up north .He is a super dog and getting on well with “Rowan” there deerhound. Also “merlin” who was the hogmany puppy tied to a bench has landed well and truly on his paws ..he has a big brother called “Blue” and they charge around the garden and play tuggy and ball. This has brightened my day 🙂

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