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Good Evening ………

Hi Everyone.   What a cracking day —nice to work when the sun out.

First thing I’d like say Happy Birthday to Diane… 30yrs today .sorry can’t make ur party but see and enjoy urself.

Also Thanks to Chelcie and sam for there help today .

We have a black labrador bitch and a jack russell bitch both found at the new housing estate on Dingleton hill,. Melrose. They are very friendly and well looked after. We have them if they are urs.

It’s time for me to go and chill in a nice cosy bath , think i may use my christmas present … It’s the santuary bath foam just for special occassions…. !!! Be back tomorrow  bye for now xxxxx

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Good Evening…..

Tonite’s blog is slightly different, Tiko the parrot decided he would sit and watch me typing and he chats away like he telling me what to write . He has settled in really well and wanders around the floor or on ur shoulder but has never ever attempted to bite , ocassionally he has a look at the curtain pole but tell him no and he leaves.He is extremely busy boy tonite, moving things from one place to another and then back to laptop check everything going ok.

Thanks to the dog walkers today –tyson and talhoula really enjoyed there walk.  The 2 feral kittens are now speyed and ready to go to there new home on a local farm.

Well i am away chat with my parrot and play a few wee games he such a clever chap. nite for now shona x

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Good Evening…

Sorry ,I haven’t been on for couple days ,I have had flu but getting better. I asked someone put fotos on for me but he must have forgot –sorry . We have had a few dogs go out and a few strays claimed a week later but at least they claimed.

We have some older dogs 8yrs upwards desperately looking for a cosy sofa to curl up on , do u have room in ur heart for an old fella , both of them get on well with other animals and one has been use to walking with a wheel chair . If u are intrested please call me and i will give u all details .

I am away again cough bottle calling me .. addictive stuff ..!!! nite xx shona xx

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Afternoon it’s sunday!!!!!

Hi everyone,

                           Busy day yesterday and glad today we closed.. full of  flu thingy—- mite even pass for rudolf  and can bark louder than the dogs. Lots lemsips, nurofen and maybe just maybe it go away quickly i am not a good patient.

The jack russell found in walkerburn is still with us and no one has enquired. The ex policeman from Lauder who arrived up last sunday to tell me about a friend’s lost cat in lauder was going to email the details … well the cat is at Borders animal Welfare and needs to be reunited soon. He is a tabby cat.

I am away back to bed and see how things are in the morning .. bye for now .shona x

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Hi Everyone,

Hi, had a busy week, be glad when it finished and a new one starts .

 Had a few dogs in , one Jack russell found in Walkerburn, He is white and black .

Millie the terrier is going to Dunfermline tomorrow and hope she settles in well.

speak tomorrow . nite for now xxxx

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