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Good Evening…

Hi hope you are all well. The weather has been fantastic and here’s hoping it ‘s here to stay.

Callum our old tup is 13 years old , it’s his birthday today. Callum is not shut in and wanders freely around the centre.

The parrots have been outside every day in the sunshine . The wildlife area is now finished  and it is looking brill. thanks to Three hills landscaping.

We have 3 rabbits looking for homes they are lionhead and all females. They are friendly and can be handled.

Bye for now ..shona x

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Good Evening …

Sorry haven’t been here for 10 days …My auntie Kate told me last nite that I hadn’t kept everything up to date…. Well we have had a busy time with the Leverets who sadly didn’t make it after 9 days of feeding every 2 hours it sadly wasn’t enough. 😦 The buzzard who was found in a field at Bowhill had a very badly damaged wing that couldn’t be sorted …sorry no much good news.

On a brighter note we have rehome the older dogs 10yrs upwards have gone to retirement homes this week, Sable has been offered a new retirement home once she has had a vet check. The old cats are going on monday and tuesday great news for them.

we have 3 rabbits all female and very friendly looking for homes.

Bye for now shona xxx

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Hello everyone….

Hope you are all ok? weather has not been very kind to us today —- 3 jackets later the day is finished.

The Leverets that were found in Eckford on Sunday nite are still with us and everyday is a bonus, they are drinking well when we are feeding them every 2 hours.These wee fellas weren’t just lifted they were watched for 24hrs before anyone went near them as mum may have been close. So please don’t take wildlife out of the wild without checking with some one first as lots of babies will be around at the moment and the next few months. The leverets are in our wildlife hospital and are only handled and have human contact when we feed.

Also we have rehomed Dougal to a lovely lady in Edinburgh and we hope he settles in very well, He has the beach just couple minutes away.

bye for now …shona x

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Good Evening..

Hi folks , Thumper the rabbit whose photo appeared earlier has a new home . The Rabbit found in Galashiels is pictured below, Do you know anyone who may have lost this rabbit??

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Good Afternoon…….

Thought I’d update you on everything before the rugby starts…

We have numerous old residents at present both cats and dogs can u squeeze an oldie into ur life…even on a foster basis.

We also have 2 rabbits one was found in galashiels he /she is a mini lop [due to allergy I need wait on chelcie telling me what sex it is] .Thumper the other rabbit is an English spot and she is a wee sweetheart.Can u offer her a loving home?

Also there is a stray cat been found on the Melrose rd,Galashiels .She is white and ginger and again very friendly please  call if you know who may have lost a cat.

our new website is up and running and I am managing to keep it updated with the animals we have for rehoming /lost of found/ and lastest local news. If you would like to sponsor an animal you can find them on the site. www.arthurshielrescuecentre.co.uk

Thanks for now and I will be back later .x shona x

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Good Evening …

Hi, Hope u are all well tonite.

We have had an extremely busy day, we got one dog in today — she is a labrador 10yrs old and morbidly obese and hasn’t been exercised or had her diet regulated for a long time…. When you come to hand an animal into any rescue DON’T be shy with the truth as it will come back and prove you haven’t told truth ..as this has happened today the animal doesn’t have to have a sad story to make us want to help you….. The truth is always the best for the animal .

We had a wee tawny owl brought in this week he was tangled up on a barded wire fence,. he survived 3 days but sadly lost his fight to live. We have a foto of him after he’d been to vets — thanks to all who helped him .

Nite nite folks …shona xx 🙂

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Hi, New website is up and running and all animals for rehoming are on the Homes Needed page. hope you all enjoy the new site as much as I do….. www.arthurshielrescuecentre.co.uk and add to your favourites please.

The stray dogs have been regulars this week and I have managed to return to owners so saving kennel space.

I be back later …nite xx shona xx

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