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Good Evening …..

Hi Everyone, 

                           Busy day today ,lots animals , A black and tan x breed was found in Galashiels over the weekend ,he is such a lovely dog and someone must be missing him. He also has a half check collar on .Found in the Scott street area.

I will post fotos tomorrow of the animals found over the weekend. We are also taking in 4 puppies BUT they are only 5 weeks old so please don’t call because they will go on here or website when they are up for rehoming.

Nite for now .x shona  x

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Happy easter……..

Hi everyone, nearly a quiet day … couple of fone calls from friends and enjoyed the chat… Went out this morning and walked for 41/2 miles with my camera found a lovely waterfall.

Dogs all content and Benny has gone to foster home in Kelso , Benny is a beardie and will need tlc before going out again .

The ducklings are still thriving and eating like there is no tomorrow. I am going to take them swimming tomorrow ,i will take the camera with me should be fun.

Well nite all, time to call it a nite .see you in morning xxxxxxx shona x

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Happy easter everyone, It’s been a very busy day 1 cat away and 1 dog away thanks to both families for taking a new rescue pet.

Was at Lauder this morning to collect a stray , was claimed as i arrived but thanks to the guy for the Easter egg and orchid it is beautiful. Thanks x

That’s us closed till tuesday now and I’m away taking fotos in the morning  so hope weather is good.

Hope you all have a nice day tomorrow . bye for now shona x

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Happy Easter weekend…

Hi folks ,  I sitting here thinking  everyone on holiday and weather good I wonder how many of you will lose your dogs and I will have to go fetch them… NONE i hope . If i had an Easter egg for every dog i’d picked up this year so far I’d be one very happy bunny —– x be luck if i get one …. be excellent for my diet lol.

A small red terrier type dog was found in Hawick yesterday , He arrived here today as the owner doesn’t want him –oh how easy was that , the council will pick him up and arthurshiel will have him . This is going to stop as i think i will drop them back into the area they are found and guess what they will come home ..hehehhehehe

My wee ducklings are thriving , next week i will take them swimming . I will take fotos

REMEMBER when u are out walking in the country side, baby birds, and other baby animals are hiding and parents will be around so do not touch unless you are sure they are alone. thanks

Well that’s it for tonite , Thanks to friends i met in Asda it was really nice to c u again . nite shona xxxx

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Good Morning ……….

Morning , hope you are all enjoying this weather [especially if u work inside lol] This is best time of year , makes us want to clean and tidy —-going be great day today.

The dog found in Galashiels yesterday is still here , he’s a lovely wee fella i post a foto later .

The ducklings are all swimming in the bath this morning . All getting stronger by the hour and eating everything in there path.

Right time for me to get out and about speak to you all later have a good day. shona x

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Hello everyone……

Hi,  weather has been fantastic— got lots clearing up done, amazing how much stuff gathers and you never notice till you move something.

A black and tan dog was found at 11am in galashiels today ,he is a real wee sweetie, looks like a doberman cross .I brought him in at 10pm and can’t believe no one is looking for him.

We also had 6 new arrivals in this morning . They are eating and paddling and as i type they are snuggled up under a heat lamp .

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Country and Western nite Featuring John Clancy

14th May 2011

Salmon Room , Buccleuch Hotel ,St Boswells.

Line dancers welcome [ as long as they show us what to do]

Tickets are £8.00 includes supper  of B.B.Q Burger in a bun.

Tickets avaiable from ..Sheena on 01835 822468

                                                 Ian Craig 01890 840391

                                                 Moira Mitchell[hairdressers in selkirk] 01750 22889.

Come along and raise funds for the animals there is also a raffle on the nite. Thanks shona xxx

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