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Good Morning….

It’s a wee bit rainy in St Boswells , no very warm either . The animals are all cosied up in there beds as wind and rain dont do it for them. We still have a few kittens looking for homes as u can see on our live cam , it updates foto every hour so hope we can see what the wee devils are up to.

Animals are rehoming slowly cats seem to be taking longer to go. Thanks to everyone who donated for the tara appeal .

Back later with a foto– bye xxxx

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Morning ………..

Morning , its a sad day at the arc, Tara our wee stray passed away in early hours of the morning . She had major surgery and just wasnt strong enough to pull through a huge thanks to mimi and neil the vets and to everyone for there kind words. This is the part that we dont advertise — we now have a huge hole in our hearts and a huge vets bill as well , we dont regret trying everything we have done and thank the vets for standing by us so we can pay little and often ish.Thanks , If anyone would like to donate we have arranged with Mhairi at Greenside vets St Boswells , 01835 823257. Thank you all again and thanks for donations so far. shona xxx 😦

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The Pound Appeal…..

This appeal is to help Tara the friendly wee stray , she had bloat and has just had major surgery to turn her stomach and remove her spleen. Please help us help tara -her vets bill which is hugely discounted is still in the hundreds. If you have a spare pound please send it to us or the greenside vets ,st boswells and help us to help tara.. thanks

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Good Afternoon .

It’s a very wet dark St Boswells ,

We have a few new animals in and fotos are being taken as i write this. We also have an hourly webcam showing u all the kittens we have , all ready for rehoming so if u are looking for a kitten please give us a call and not after 7pm .

Thanks to all volunteers this week we have lots done and now the rain has stopped progress.

We also have 5 female rats for rehoming —-do u have space for another friend.

bye for now .xxxxx


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Nell our wee lass.. R.I.P .

Sadly nell our wee found kitten has had investigations done at the local vets and it wasn’t good news .so on vets advice Nell has been put to sleep. She has made a huge impression on all of us here and will be missed , she was such a happy wee thing and didnt show us the pain she must have been in , Sorry the news couldnt have been better . Miss u wee Nell ..r.i.p xxxx

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