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Hello…Please note !!!

Due to certain members of the public taking advantage of this place WE are now sticking to our opening times …. we do need time to clean and as some folk think we are open 24 / 7 this is stopping. The only time we will go for a stray is if we are called out by the police, council or a vet. I am really sorry we are also closed sunday’s and monday’s . I have now had my RANT and so sorry to have to put this up on my blog . thanks shona 😦



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Good evening…..

Hi everyone, fantastic news this week our wee bald chap has found a forever home… great news . Also a guy has been walking barney the red collie fingers crossed he decides to give him a new home .

The buzzard who was found by the side of a road is making a full recovery —- we are collecting road kill for his supper and people are giving us strange looks as we scrape rabbit or squirrel off the local back roads.lol.


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This wee lad was found on monday nite, he was raking the bins for something to eat… The lady who found him was so sad he was cold and hungry and said his eyes looked so full of sadness. His coat is none exsisting it looks like elephant skin , we feel so sorry for him but he is happier now and eating like a wee pig. If anyone out there would like to help us on the run up to christmas ,we could do with blankets, shredded paper and of course food both dry and wet . thanks so much. shona x

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This is Tia she went missing from CORNHILL-ON-TWEED yesterday .She is microchipped and speyed so no use for breeding also this wee lad in the foto is so upset she has gone. please help us reunite this family with there wee special girl… any information can be past through us to the family .our number is 07581878393. a marron coloured van was in the area yesterday numerous sights were made. please help get tia back… thanks

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Sorry i haven’t been here but if u take a look at the homes needed page you will see why —we are stuffed and have no room or spare time, if you fancy helping us you can rehome one of the animals or help us by buying some small animal food , hay ,sawdust all these items are costing us a fortune and there is less and less food donations coming in. every little helps thanks . speak soon. shona xx

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