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Nearly one year on…..

The people who tied me to a bench on new years day 2011 have done me the biggest favour …I was called Blue by the centre people but my new family named me Merlin ..I have grown into the most beautiful dog people have seen and i have a big brother and fantastic mum and dad. I have sent you a foto to compare …..

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Good Evening .

Merry Christmas everyone, we hope you all had a fantastic time with family and friends.

We have had a lot of great gifts for the animals , lots of bedding and food Thanks to everyone who is helping us at this busy time.

The cocker spaniel tied in Asda carpark on christmas nite is still with us he is chocolate and white , has a docked tail and is a lovely wee chap, surely some one knows if they have lost a dog —— foto to follow .

We have had numerous call outs . Also we had a few fone calls about a fox on the charlesfield road, this wee chap is so tame when u stopped your call beside him he just stood and listened to every word you said to him. I whistled he sat i was then convinced he wasn’t wild ,so set a trap 2 days later we caught him and much to our discussed he is very tame –conclusion is someone has had him as a cub and hand reared him then when he has grown up he smells so what do u do you put him back to wild —-NO it no work , he was trying to get into peoples houses WHY OH WHY are people so thick to think he could survive by himself.. rant over sorry.  I will be back soon with fotos of the cocker and fox.

Nite for now ..xxx shona xxx

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Merry christmas to everyone.

I am back … busy busy time here , THANK YOU all who have donated food and blankets it has been fantastic.

I havent been around because i now have take on another job at our local vets from 4.30pm till 8pm …needs must.

Auntie kate thank you very much for all the dog food you donated and dont even have an animal and as far as i can remember never have.THANK YOU HUG xxxx

We have had a tabby and white cat found in stirches Hawick last week foto to follow.

The white stuff is back and the animals are all bedded and fed so all is quiet at the arc..x

Speak soon shona xxxxxxx

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