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Hi, Woke this morning to another blanketing of snow.

The place looks nice when there’s snow around. I have fed the horses and the birds, the duck wasn’t to happy being let out of his cosy bed. The dogs are all on a high because they like running free and playing.

Orla has been fed and has decided to go to sleep again I will weight her about 3pm and see how┬áshe’s progressing.

More pics of orla on wednesday , hope our tame photographer coming to take pics in focus. be back soon . shona x

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Hi, It’s been a very busy two days. We have seen the last photographer and film crew off the premises – might get back to normality. If there is such a thing here.

Orla the Otter is doing ok, she is starting to eat Salmon on her own when I cut it into small pieces. She will devour a piece of salmon if I leave it in her bed, it’s so funny to see this wee thing trying to tackle a piece of salmon on her own. She also loves to cuddle up next to your neck when she’s sleeping – which she does a lot of at the moment.

Asda Galashiels have been very good to us and have donated salmon and trout, we have enough to keep her going for about a week. Many Thanks to them.

I will be back with more on Orla later.

bye Shona ­čÖé

P.S Forgot does anyone have a child’s travel cot that they no longer need as┬á Orla will soon need more room to move around. thanks

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Otter Rescue


New arrival last nite – about 5/6 weeks old, cute, cuddly and found freezing nearly to death at the roadside.

It’s an┬áotter kit. She was handed in and we are taking care of her in the house with our own dogs and cats.

She is eating very well but it’s extremely messy and time consuming. We are giving her pureed salmon and kitten milk and also small pieces of salmon and trout.

Her teeth are very sharp and she plays like a puppy loves playing with Kevin our semi disabled kitten.

I will keep you all updated on a daily basis.


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