Lulu has gone missing from her garden ,the other dog a labrador was left behind .Help spread the word she has possibly been stolen . thanks

Good Evening .

Hello everyone,    That’s all animals sorted and my feet are up resting …it’s been a really busy week lots animals gone to new homes and a few on hold until they are neutered on monday.

When the wind drops the injured owls are ready for release back to the wild , both are doing extremely well.

Also Just a message for some people Rosey’s funeral is on monday the16th january at 11am at the New Melrose crem , anyone who knew her will know how much we are missing her .

Nite for now shona xxxxx

Sleep tight Rosey…

Sorry to have to let you all know that Rosey our very special volunteer has sadly passed away .She fought hard against her illness and never complained but she will never be forgotten at arthurshiel … my assistant shit shovellor she used to call herself a long  standing joke between us all. Bye for now and i will keep u all informed .Thanks shona 😦

Hi folks,    the wind is back with great gusto, part of the old cattery has decided to move further in to the woods  everyone and cats are fine. It’s so sore when the rain hits ur face but nearly all done for the day .

Tock the gerbil has gone to new home good luck wee man.

the 2 injured tawny owls we got in before christmas are ready to go back to the wild once the wind and weather gets better.

speak again soon shona

Happy new year to everyone . x

Hope you all had a lovely day , i went swimming at lunchtime ,new keep fit programme as it is ONLY 5months and 11 days till i try and do the 3 peak challenge … i WILL be fit as a flea by then and half the person ….. it’s a work in progress and if by any chance u see me striding out along the back roads PLEASE dont offer me a lift as a refusal is often hard for me to say  lol.

We have had no strays today yipeeeeeee.

But on a less happy note Rosey my right hand woman who used to cover for tom and i when we went away [not very often] but she religiously worked at the centre since she retired more than 10yrs ago.She has been ill for the last year , sadly she isn’t going to get better no easy way to say this she has cancer and is in final stages. I went to hospital in Peebles tonite to visit her and feel this world is so ill divided , I cant put my feelings into words BUT by god it’s hurting ..

Rosey and I have had many a laugh over the most trivial things , like the time we bought matching baseball caps mine said Chief shit shovellor and rosey’s said Assistant shit shovellor . This year I am climbing the 3peaks in June and the reason is we need a new small animals shelter -cats, etc. Rosey loved doing the cats even though she had 3 dogs she fostered all our kittens and puppies .

Well enough for tonite I WILL BE BACK TOMORROW judy …lol

love to u all shona xxxx