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Found at Lindean!!

This fella was found at Lindean nr Selkirk today. He is a un neutered male , very friendly and in good health.

As you can see he is black and white. is he your cat ?? he has wee white tips to his front paws and larger white socks on the back paws.

Found at Lindean.

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shona and the 10 week old rescued kittens

shona and the 10 day old rescued kittens

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kitten on top of nikon camera

kitten on top of nikon camera

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Good Morning.

Good Morning,
I woke to sunshine today , ice has gone and we have running water again.

First trip of the day was 3 cats to vets for neutering 2 Sisters and there Brother.
These cats are approx 7 months old. All went well at vets and now they are up for  rehoming.
James has got another appointment at vets next wednesday to get his eyes sorted.

bye for now

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Tuesday 6th January,


Woke up to snow this morning and more frozen water……. its Winter at Arthurshiel!

Just a normal day, one older cat rehomed and three young ones in, two grey and one grey tabby.

Amber the german shepherd has arrived back, she a really nice dog but must be only pet in the house. She has settled back in with us no problems.

The budgies are needing homes and the ferret would like one as well.

This time of year is often quiet on the rehoming and busy on the stray animal side.

Hope i have more news for you all tomorrow…

Shona 🙂

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