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Credit Crunch Puppies…..

Hi, weather here is fantastic,

The 5 week old puppies have been having a fantastic time today in the sun, they are starting to explore things and play with toys. Great to watch but they are quite a handful.

We have had a lot of people around today and tom arrived back from turkey, I am just about to go on hospital visit so i will be back later. have a nice evening. shona 🙂

the 5 week old puppies

the 5 week old puppies

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shona and the 10 week old rescued kittens

shona and the 10 day old rescued kittens

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Hi Everyone,

Today the weather’s been very rainy and windy and being on top of  a hill it’s EXTREMELY windy. The animals are all snuggled up in their beds , even the horses are loving it in their stables. We didn’t rehome anything today but a bonus in this bad weather we have no new guests staying.

Speak again tomorrow ,

bye Shona x

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