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Credit Crunch Puppies…..

Hi, weather here is fantastic,

The 5 week old puppies have been having a fantastic time today in the sun, they are starting to explore things and play with toys. Great to watch but they are quite a handful.

We have had a lot of people around today and tom arrived back from turkey, I am just about to go on hospital visit so i will be back later. have a nice evening. shona 🙂

the 5 week old puppies

the 5 week old puppies

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Tuesday 6th January,


Woke up to snow this morning and more frozen water……. its Winter at Arthurshiel!

Just a normal day, one older cat rehomed and three young ones in, two grey and one grey tabby.

Amber the german shepherd has arrived back, she a really nice dog but must be only pet in the house. She has settled back in with us no problems.

The budgies are needing homes and the ferret would like one as well.

This time of year is often quiet on the rehoming and busy on the stray animal side.

Hope i have more news for you all tomorrow…

Shona 🙂

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Happy New Year, Welcome to 2009

Hello, Happy New Near,

Never a day goes by and  the human race surprises me– I should know better by now.

First phone call was at 9.10am from the police , thought they would wait till after 9am and give me a long lie — lol, 2 dogs missing in the Duns area; a Terrier and a Pointerno call to say they are home , so I take it they are still missing.

Next was a terrier found in Stow, He’s black and tan and looks like a patterdale / jack Russell type .Again no call to say he’s been reunited.

The special one of the day was found in a field between Westruther and Gordon.

He is a young Border Collie , black and white – Has a nice shiny coat but thin. This dog is highly intelligent as he even left home with his green fleecy blanket . The farmer who found him lying on his blanket has fed and watered him and bedded him in for the nite , I will go collect and take photos tomorrow and post them .

I have just one wish this year and it’s that the people out there who think it’s clever to leave your dog in a field on one of the coldest nites — gets to try it , I will provide the blanket., but I will not pick them up in the morning , sorry.

I hope all the animal lovers out there have a really good year and get lots of love and enjoyment out of your animals.

Shona x

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