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shona and the 10 week old rescued kittens

shona and the 10 day old rescued kittens


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kitten on top of nikon camera

kitten on top of nikon camera

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“Katie” rescue update…

Katie on arrival

a few weeks ago when i arrived

Katie now.

how i'm doing now

Hi, My name is Katie, I arrived at Arthurshiel 3 weeks ago. I was born on a farm nr Lilliesleaf. My brother is ok and has a home but I had a form of rickets and couldn’t walk properly.  Now 3 weeks later, I have mastered the art of walking ,my front legs are straight and hold my weight , the back ones are catching up.I play every day with shona, she cuddles me and tells me she loves me, I think I am moving into the house this weekend , because my brother is going to a new home. These pictures are of me when I arrived and now.

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