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Happy New Year, Welcome to 2009

Hello, Happy New Near,

Never a day goes by and  the human race surprises me– I should know better by now.

First phone call was at 9.10am from the police , thought they would wait till after 9am and give me a long lie — lol, 2 dogs missing in the Duns area; a Terrier and a Pointerno call to say they are home , so I take it they are still missing.

Next was a terrier found in Stow, He’s black and tan and looks like a patterdale / jack Russell type .Again no call to say he’s been reunited.

The special one of the day was found in a field between Westruther and Gordon.

He is a young Border Collie , black and white – Has a nice shiny coat but thin. This dog is highly intelligent as he even left home with his green fleecy blanket . The farmer who found him lying on his blanket has fed and watered him and bedded him in for the nite , I will go collect and take photos tomorrow and post them .

I have just one wish this year and it’s that the people out there who think it’s clever to leave your dog in a field on one of the coldest nites — gets to try it , I will provide the blanket., but I will not pick them up in the morning , sorry.

I hope all the animal lovers out there have a really good year and get lots of love and enjoyment out of your animals.

Shona x

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