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A Quiet Day …..


It’s been a quiet day today, and rain stayed off till tea-time. Two kittens went to new homes – one in Selkirk and other in St Boswells.

The Barn Owl we got in the other nite is doing well and flying again, we will take her back to Soutra Hill on sunday nite and release her back to were she was found.

With the weather forecast being very windy, I expect a quiet weekend.

Speak soon – shona x

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Another chilly day.

Good Morning…

Another busy day, James at vets again to have his eyes checked- got  the all clear and now we just have to work at getting him fat- easier said than done.

Sadly the little owl didn’t make it, but the Barn Owl is growing stronger.

We got three,  11 week old kittens in today , and 2 of the budgies have gone to a new home.

bye for now ,shona x

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Our works never done!


Busy day again and still out and about at 10.40pm.

A stray Labrador in Galashiels proving to be a handful – Gayle to the rescue, lead in hand climbed into the compost heap in the pitch dark and captured the labrador.

He is now back in the safety of his home – his name is “Jungle” and stays at Hollybush.

Another phone call while we were out.

A barn owl has been rescued from the A68 nr soutra and take to the gentleman’s home nr Langshaw, Galashiels. We met him at the Volvo Garage and have brought the owl home. He is very quiet so we will keep our fingers crossed and see what tomorrow brings.

Stress is the main killer of owls so we handle as little as possible.

bye for now, shona x

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Injured Owl found…

owl found in a hedgerow

owl found in a hedgerow


It’s Monday again and the start of another week.

We had a phone call from a member of the public , they had found an owl in a hedgerow.

The owl has an injured wing, so fingers crossed all goes well and eventually he will be released back to the wild.

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