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Fantastic News.

James has just been for his first long walk to the old  railway line , which is about half mile away. Chelcie had to drag him to start with but has now came back and is so please with his progress. more later.


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Good Morning.

Good Morning,
I woke to sunshine today , ice has gone and we have running water again.

First trip of the day was 3 cats to vets for neutering 2 Sisters and there Brother.
These cats are approx 7 months old. All went well at vets and now they are up for  rehoming.
James has got another appointment at vets next wednesday to get his eyes sorted.

bye for now

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James the Poodle


Update on James – He’s getting used to having no hair loves his jumper. He is booked into vet’s again on Wednesday for more treatment on his eyes, as they are not clearing as quickly as I would like , hope taking the hair away will help clear them up.more news shortly.


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James – haircut update

James before

James before

inside james ear.
inside james ear.

Half way through

Morag clipping

Morag clipping

Hello, It’s the end of another year, lots of good and some bad.

James is going to be a success, we had him at the vet’s today and he’s has had a very special hair cut,

short back and all off……..

A special thanks goes to Morag and Chelcie who spent nearly 4 hours working on him.

I have posted a few photos of him when he was getting his hair do, but he was sedated and they were taken on a wee mobile phone. It gives you an idea how bad he really was.

James is so traumatised, I wish he could tell me what has happened in his past that makes him so scared.

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James, poodle (update)

This is how my old owners left me!

The last few days have been very busy and I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything.

James our stray poodle has been offered a new home, the potential new owners stay in West Lothian , These people are coming to visit on saturday to see if James likes them. James was found wandering around Kirkton Manor , nr Peebles about three weeks ago.

I still can’t get him to fully trust me, we have no time limit so the longer he’s here the better he will get.

James needs to have his hair shaved off before he’s ready to leave ,as he’s very matted and this must be uncomfortable.I will keep you all up to date as to James’s progress.

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