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Otter Rescue


New arrival last nite – about 5/6 weeks old, cute, cuddly and found freezing nearly to death at the roadside.

It’s an otter kit. She was handed in and we are taking care of her in the house with our own dogs and cats.

She is eating very well but it’s extremely messy and time consuming. We are giving her pureed salmon and kitten milk and also small pieces of salmon and trout.

Her teeth are very sharp and she plays like a puppy loves playing with Kevin our semi disabled kitten.

I will keep you all updated on a daily basis.


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Injured Owl found…

owl found in a hedgerow

owl found in a hedgerow


It’s Monday again and the start of another week.

We had a phone call from a member of the public , they had found an owl in a hedgerow.

The owl has an injured wing, so fingers crossed all goes well and eventually he will be released back to the wild.

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Countdown to Christmas…

Hello, Today has been busy.

I was called out to rescue an injured Fox, He was lying on the side of the road just outside  Walkerburn.

As yet he hasn’t moved much but we have left him very quiet and warm, tomorrow will tell.

duckI have 2 ducks looking for homes, they are both drakes [mallards].

These ducks were brought here by a lady who reared them with her own ducks,

Being drakes she has no room for them now.

They can go seperate or together if you have a big enough pond,

also they are easy to pick up at same time remain wild.

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“Katie” rescue update…

Katie on arrival

a few weeks ago when i arrived

Katie now.

how i'm doing now

Hi, My name is Katie, I arrived at Arthurshiel 3 weeks ago. I was born on a farm nr Lilliesleaf. My brother is ok and has a home but I had a form of rickets and couldn’t walk properly.  Now 3 weeks later, I have mastered the art of walking ,my front legs are straight and hold my weight , the back ones are catching up.I play every day with shona, she cuddles me and tells me she loves me, I think I am moving into the house this weekend , because my brother is going to a new home. These pictures are of me when I arrived and now.

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