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shona and the 10 week old rescued kittens

shona and the 10 day old rescued kittens

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kitten on top of nikon camera

kitten on top of nikon camera

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Hi, It’s been a very busy two days. We have seen the last photographer and film crew off the premises – might get back to normality. If there is such a thing here.

Orla the Otter is doing ok, she is starting to eat Salmon on her own when I cut it into small pieces. She will devour a piece of salmon if I leave it in her bed, it’s so funny to see this wee thing trying to tackle a piece of salmon on her own. She also loves to cuddle up next to your neck when she’s sleeping – which she does a lot of at the moment.

Asda Galashiels have been very good to us and have donated salmon and trout, we have enough to keep her going for about a week. Many Thanks to them.

I will be back with more on Orla later.

bye Shona 🙂

P.S Forgot does anyone have a child’s travel cot that they no longer need as  Orla will soon need more room to move around. thanks

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Another chilly day.

Good Morning…

Another busy day, James at vets again to have his eyes checked- got  the all clear and now we just have to work at getting him fat- easier said than done.

Sadly the little owl didn’t make it, but the Barn Owl is growing stronger.

We got three,  11 week old kittens in today , and 2 of the budgies have gone to a new home.

bye for now ,shona x

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Fantastic News.

James has just been for his first long walk to the old  railway line , which is about half mile away. Chelcie had to drag him to start with but has now came back and is so please with his progress. more later.

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James the Poodle


Update on James – He’s getting used to having no hair loves his jumper. He is booked into vet’s again on Wednesday for more treatment on his eyes, as they are not clearing as quickly as I would like , hope taking the hair away will help clear them up.more news shortly.


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Tuesday 6th January,


Woke up to snow this morning and more frozen water……. its Winter at Arthurshiel!

Just a normal day, one older cat rehomed and three young ones in, two grey and one grey tabby.

Amber the german shepherd has arrived back, she a really nice dog but must be only pet in the house. She has settled back in with us no problems.

The budgies are needing homes and the ferret would like one as well.

This time of year is often quiet on the rehoming and busy on the stray animal side.

Hope i have more news for you all tomorrow…

Shona 🙂

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